Baajara (Hindi) Kambu (Tamil) Cambu (Malayalam) Sajjalu (Telugu) Sajje (Kannada) Bajri
(Gujarati) Bajri (Bengali) Bajra (Oria)

With a texture similar to brown rice, the pearl millet when combined with dals like rajma,
moong, toor provides sufficient protein for vegetarians. It was considered a ‘winter millet’ –
since the grain, either as a whole or ground to a flour, keeps the body warm and hydrated during
the cold season.

 Stabilises cholesterol levels in the body
 Iron rich grain
 Diabetic-friendly
 Supports weight loss
 Promotes good health and boosts immunity

Nutritive Value of Pearl Millet

100gms per serving

  • Protein 5–8%
  • Minerals 2.5 %
  • Calcium 344mg%
  • Potassium 408mg%
  • Fat .3%
  • Calories 336

The Millet Magic

 Pearl millet milk or Bajra doodh or sajjala paalu is a good alternative for dairy free milk. In Rajasthan, Bajra Raab a popular health drink was given to children and expectant mothers. It’s a drink made with Pearl Millet flour, ghee, ginger, jaggery and a few other spices. It is believed to help build immunity and prevent common winter ailments.