Move over quinoa, here comes Shastha Indian millets!

To get your daily servings of whole grains, you already, perhaps, start your morning with a whole grain cereal and choose breads made with whole wheat flour or quinoa, or make some buckwheat pancakes. There is a whole world of grains you have probably never tried and topping the list is Indian millets.

Tiny in size and round in shape, Indian millets can be white, gray, yellow or red and are very high in nutrients. Each millet is three to five times nutritionally superior to rice and wheat in terms of proteins, minerals and vitamins.

Millets are rich in B vitamins, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and are also gluten-free, making them the perfect grain for the wheat-intolerant, Millets have  a low-GI (Glycemic index) thus making them the grain of choice for the vast population of South Asian diabetics.


Pearl: India is the highest producer of pearl millet or Bajra. It’s very high in protein, fuels you up and is great for rotis. It’s also eaten sprouted and in porridges

Foxtail: With the highest mineral content of all millets, foxtail millet is justifiably the second most produced in the world. It’s known as Kangni in Hindi.

Kodo: Known as Kodra or Kodon, Kodo millet is high in fibre and offers a great energy boost. It’s thus ideal for diabetics, and can be substituted for rice.

Little millet: Has the highest fat content and is commonly consumed as bread, dosas, rotis and rice. It’s known as Kutki in hindi.

Barnyard: Barnyard millet grows faster than you can say Jhangora (its Hindi name). It also has the highest fibre and iron content amongst its fellow millets.

Sorghum: Say hello to Jowar, the hardy grain that’s consumed all over India as rotis and porridges, thanks to its high protein + carb + energy composition.

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